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CBD7's Purzorb® Formula is Clinically Proven Effective.

No other CBD formula can make this claim
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NIH Supported Study

The CBD formula found in products at CBD7 is exclusively proven to significantly improve health with zero side-effects. No other CBD formula has shown clinically-verified results. CBD7 makes available the highest absorbing CBD formula and is your CBD source for knowledge, use, and information. So what makes CBD7 products so effective?


CBD7 products have the proprietary Purzorb/Hempzorb11 Full-spectrum hemp oil formula, the highest absorbing CBD formula you can get. 15 years of excellence in the micellization of water-soluble cannabinoid molecules has helped Pur7 pioneer the best known way to mimic the body’s natural way of absorbing cannabinoids together with the post-process known as column/liquid chromatography, out-shining every other delivery system to get Phytocannabinoids and synergistic full-plant nutrition for the Entourage Effect, including terpenes and flavonoids, into the blood stream where they work best.


Following is a summary from Purhealth Rx coordinated test and trials with the NIH (National Institutes of Health) Further information can be found by contacting us at CBD7.life

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"The study looked at inflammatory markers such as Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Interleukin 6, C-Reactive Protein and NF-κB. Metabolism and cardiovascular indicators such as HA1c, LDL/HDL and Homocysteine levels were also measured. One of the significant findings was that the HA1c levels dropped by an average of almost one point in the test subjects."

Why is Clinical Verification so important to CBD users?

Want CBD that works? CBD that gets results? Unfortunately there are 1000s of CBD formulas out there. Some good, many not so good, most a waste of money. Other CBD products can be extremely different in quality and effectiveness. From organic sourcing, to extraction, to formulation, to post processing, to pure water as the carrier, CBD7 is the leader. And how would you know which is which? The only way to discover would be to try every CBD, or listen to the testimonies of others who have tried them.  Not very scientific. While the formula in CBD7 does bring people back to us every day who say their lives have changed, we also utilize the only CBD formula proven effective in clinical trials. CBD7 is your trusted and verified CBD source.


Other CBDs can make no clinically substantiated claims, nor can many, if any say with certainty even what a dose should be, except based on the limitations of their oil carriers or other added ingredients that may pose limits. With CBD7, there is no way to overdose, no negative side-effects, and the THC will not show up on a drug test. Our dosing models have been clinically tested to bring about verified and measurable results. We can show increased dosing brings increased results or health benefits and we make recommendations based on evidence and need.


In Summary, the Cannabinoid formula Purzorb/Hempzorb11, in a double-blind trial against a placebo, has proven not only effective, but a safe way to use CBD in each of our products tested with no manifested or stated side-effects, and no unhealthy interactions for the test period of 60-90 days. 9 Areas of Health and Wellness showed important and significant improvements compared to insignificant changes in the control group that received a placebo.

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These areas included marker measurements and stated responses for:



Joint Pain


Inflammation markers (TNF & IL-6)

Cardiovascular markers (HDL, LDL)

And unusually positive improvements in HbA1c and Homocystein in relation to diabetes and related areas.


The results of Purzorb/Hempzorb11 were so impressive for Diabetes A1c and weight factors that the NIH initiated a grant for an additional study on these key factors specifically. Additional tests for sleep and wellness were also authorized and can be found in other posts on this site as they become finalized and available.


In addition, there will be additional and separate posts at https://www.cbd7.life/blog for each of the 9 areas in greater detail and to discuss wellness advantages and repercussions.


It is notable that the reduction in inflammation is a key benefit in several areas like pain, since it is one of the main causes of pain, in reducing the damage to cardiovascular components like blood veins, damage caused by inflammation as a result of LDL byproducts like Cytokein. A more healthy inflammation repression can also aid in immune response, boosting white blood cell production, or reducing discomfort caused by diabetes.


While further studies will help better define the positive extent to which Purzorb formula / Hempzorb11 delivery system of full spectrum cannabinoids including CBD to the endocrine system helps promote health and wellness, it is clear that extraordinary benefits to the human body may have a fundamentally significant impact on health and healthcare.

    9 Verified Key Areas of Effectiveness:    

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