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CBD7 Quick FAQs

Do I need a prescription for CBD?

No. CBD7 comes from Hemp. CBD7 is natural, legal, safe, and healthy with no side effects. Our products are registered as required by law. It is legal to transport CBD7 across all state lines.

Is CBD7 Marijuana?

No. CBD7 comes from Hemp. Hemp is related to Marijuana, both are from the cannabis species, but they are very different strains. Hemp CBD is legal, safe, and healthy with no side effects.

What is CBD used for?

Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep are the 3 biggest reasons people use CBD, but it does so much more: CBD feeds the human Endocannabinoid System. That is the system that runs all the other systems and when it is healthy, the whole body works better. Health improves at the cellular level. CBD7 can help radically reduce seizures, and has been proven effective to lower cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, & arthritis markers, and more.

Are there side effects?

No. You naturally get cannabinoids from vegetables. Hemp CBD and the full-spectrum cannabinoids in CBD7 are perfectly balanced and our carrier is pure water. CBD7 Purzorb® formula mimics the body’s natural way of absorbing cannabinoids. Other CBDs use heavy carrier oils, are rarely balanced and may cause side effects like drowsiness or stomach discomfort.

How much do I need?

The recommended dose is 1ml/day. Each regular bottle comes with 30ml, or a 30-day supply. For best results, take the CBD daily and adjust up to 2 droppers a day, or down as desired. Taking CBD irregularly will reduce the benefits and taken regularly increases body health down to a cellular level. There is no way to overdose and there are no side effects.

How is CBD7 better than other CBDs?

CBD7 is up many times more effective than almost every other CBD out there. It is water-soluble AND full-spectrum, so it is 10X more effective than CBD isolate and absorbs 15X better than a typical CBD oil. It is organic-sourced for purity and 3rd-party verified as well. All hemp is grown and processed here in the U.S. CBD7 is a national brand made in Utah.

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