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Real Weight Loss with proprietary CBD formula in Diabetics & Significant A1c reduction.

No other CBD formula can show these clinically proven results! The Purzorb/Hempzorb11 formula in Med7 & CBD7 for proven metabolic support in clinical studies with the NIH (National Institutes of Health) showed real weight loss and remarkable HA1c drop with this CBD formula for Diabetics.* CBD7 uses this unique and propriety formula in all products.

Highlights: Average Clinical-trial participants experienced significant wellness improvements including

  • 13.9lbs Weight loss

  • 4” loss in girth

  • Drop of average of about 1 point A1c (or about 20%)

  • Homocysteine reduction

After the first phenomenal Med7 clinical study with the NIH for 9 general health categories that showed clinically verified improvements in wellness markers, the NIH offered a grant to support this clinical study focused on metabolism in patients with a Diabetes diagnosis. The Purzorb/Hempzorb11 formula is used in all CBD7 products and constitutes the ONLY clinically proven formula for any retail full-spectrum cannabinoid Hemp oil. Metabolic support and possible weight moderation may also benefit of CBD7 users without a diabetes condition, but that has not yet been specifically studied.

And other significant Clinical Results for Diabetes Type II Sufferers!

Additionally, Homocysteine marker showed a significant improvement. High or elevated homocysteine levels may indicate the patient has a vitamin deficiency or may face increased risks for cardiovascular diseases as well as several other conditions.

Homocysteine is believed to irritate blood vessels lining, causing scarring, hardening, and constricting the inner diameter. This increases strain on the heart, promoting heart disease. It was shown in the first NIH/Med7 test that this proprietary CBD formula reduces inflammation markers. Inflammation is the one of the primary reasons a high homocysteine condition causes this damage. By lowering unhealthy inflammation, CBD7 products may support mitigation of the damage caused by homocysteine irritation of blood vessels.

All Med7/NIH coordinated tests showed significant improvements in wellness and health-related indicators. Want to try this formula for yourself? Click here to shop now. All CBD7 products contain this proven and proprietary formula! Learn more at CBD7.life

*Studies performed in cooperation under the (CBD7 partner) Med7 umbrella with the NIH.

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