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Leading-edge Ag404 structured nano-silver supplement with our Hempzorb81 Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil shot & 7 immune building vitamins to create a safer, more effective way to support healing and boost your immunity in a single shot!


A full day's dose+, an easy way to get your CBD on the go! The fastest way to energy and clarity with nano-silver support for your immune system, and B-vitamins for natural focus and energy. CBD7 Energy Shot with Purzorb® Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is a healthy way to be focused and energized throughout your day without the spike and crash of other energy shots. CBD7 is a natural supplement to your health. It will not show up on a drug test. You literally become healthier every day that you use CBD7!


CBD7 contains the Purzorb/Hempzorb81 tested in studies supported by the NIH (National Institutes of Health). Try CBD7 today: Stable for years. CBD7 is Full-spectrum, Water-soluble, Hemp CBD Oil with award-winning taste.


Retail $9.95ea: Buy 12 at a time and save 20%

CBD7 Immune Boost Shot 12-Pack